A warm THANK YOU from me and my wife for taking good care of everything especially From all the Doctors, Nurses during our stay and also of course from the members of Food and Beverage and House Keeping team. Job well done! "Thank you for treating us well".

-Jerwin Regalado

I sincerely want to thank the staff of Aster Hospital for their endless effort in making my visit a memorable experience. I want to thank Dr Caroline for been there for me, her advice really helped as a first time mum. Also, Melita and Steffi and other staff of Aster Nurture, thank you so much for the guides and lectures I received during the Mummy's circle and Parents connect. Remain blessed

-Stella Charles

A big shout out of gratitude to Dr. Jisha Pradeep for my full well care throughout my pregnancy and to all the doctors, nurses, and other staffs who take good care of me when i had my C-section surgery. The services were very excellent. They will explain and informed every single details and most especially you will feel safe. You can pay money for the services but the care and concerns that comes from the heart is something that money can't buy. So again, a heartfelt thank you everyone for the care you had given me. Yes, indeed! ASTER will TREAT YOU WELL

-Rosy Sajosh

A warm THANK YOU from me and my wife for taking good care of everything especially From all the Doctors, Nurses during our stay and also of course from the members of Food and Beverage and House Keeping team. Job well done! " Thank you for treating us well" THANK YOU ALL FOR WHAT YOU DO.

-Jerwin Regalado

Thank you so much to all the staff and nurses and doctors for the way they treat. All the staff is very caring and helpful. The food and housekeeping services are also very good I would definitely recommend this to my friend and family

-Kamlesh Singh

Very nice experience. We can never get such an experience in our hospital. The staff was very caring. Dr. Vanesha was very very good. The cleanliness was also very nice.


The nurses are very helpful and attentive with my needs. Facilities are excellent too. the nurses are so accommodating and friendly... we are grateful to have our first baby here in Aster Mankhool Hospital... thumbs up to the doctors and nurses here.. Thank you so much :)

-Fatimah Carumba

I must truly thank Aster Hospital and the staff for the promptness of their service. Any delay would have resulted in a scary outcome. This is regarding my toddler with a severe infection and is now stable and recovering well. Special thanks to Dr. Santosh and Dr. Shweta and all in duty nurses for timely treatment and impeccable service.

-Aswathy Sivan

Highly appreciate the aster team who supported us with the delivery of our baby Boy. The team was super experienced, I’d like to thank Dr. Jisha and the whole team of nurses (angels) who were with us in each moment. All services from registration till final billing was done perfectly done by Aster. I’d strongly recommend Aster hospital at Mankhool, Dubai.

-Abin Jacob

The staffs and doctors were very helpful and the service provided were highly satisfying. The health check-up package available at the hospital is highly appreciated. Very thankful for the cooperative services provided here.

-Shamsul Fid

I would like to give a special mention to Ms. Jastina for her wonderful customer service. Her support and guidance saved us time and helped us a lot in terms of all the formalities to be completed. I wish her all the best and a sincere thanks for making things easy.

-Mubeen K.P

Good day to all who are currently reading this. I wanted to share with all the experience of tonsil surgery of my 5-year daughter carried out by Dr. MUDDAZIR ALI IBRAHIM (ENT SURGEON). Before this surgery my daughter remained very irritated by little things, she started losing interest in eating and along with these, she used to have prolonged cough and cold that made her more irritated and cry. Seeing all these we have consulted with Dr. MUDDAZIR and he has suggested us for tonsillectomy (tonsil removal). So we go with the doctor and results were excellent. Now my daughter's attitude is so positive mashaAllah. She sleeps well and eats well Alhamdolillah. Here I wanted to mention about our experience with the doctor which is most important for any patient. Dr. MUDDAZIR ALI is very friendly and humble. He has guided us so well from starting till the end. Highly recommend tonsillectomy to all parents whose kids are having any tonsils problem they should consult Dr. MUDDAZIR ALI and go for the surgery for the betterment of their kid. One more thing I wanted to add is for the aster hospital that they should appoint more doctors like Dr. MUDDAZIR ALI in the hospital. Our experience was excellent both with the doctor and surgery. Highly recommended Dr. MUDDAZIR ALI IBRAHIM (ENT SURGEON) to all those who need treatment with compassion and a lot of smiles.